How FAANG is propping up the North American Stock Markets

With the Dow Jones crossing back into 30,000, and Trump signing the COVID aid bill, the markets have ended the year at record highs. 2020 has been a tough year for many, and we will never forget that fact.

The stock market is in no way representative of how a country is doing, although many times people may confuse it to be so. As a capitalist myself, as much as I try to think that way, it is hard to discount all of the stakeholders involved other than shareholders. Social security, education, and health are all examples of areas that…

Unlocking a Powerful Tool to enhance your work quality

Charts in Excel are a powerful function, and many people do not utilize their capabilities to the fullest. Visuals are meant to help you see trends, and help you analyze. Whether it is related to general business, or other industries, you may be asked to create charts.

Stacked bar charts are useful, however, the ability to see trends starts to decrease when you start looking at too many different series. Throughout this article, I’ll also be showing you how to create live chart textboxes within.

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The company that I’ll be using as an example is Union Pacific (UP), the largest…

Classes, Automation, and Learning Fundamentals

2020 was a challenging time for everyone, and it was no exception for me. Travel plans were postponed, work was re-located to be fully online, and it has been hard to adjust, to say the least.

The purpose of this article is to look back on some of the most important things that I have learned so far, and also to brainstorm ways to improve myself going forward into the new year. …

Reality includes penny-pinching and being bored all the time

FIRE, or the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” movement is a popular personal finance concept where you compile an investment nest egg with your savings, and live off your savings, allowing you to retire earlier than the usual 65 years of age. Let me be clear, I believe saving is a wonderful thing, and more people should definitely be doing it, however, people often do not have a clear understanding of what early retirement entails. Not having a job, or something to grind may not be the best choice for everyone. Many people will end up pinching their pennies in order…

Here’s what they are, and how they work

Within the range of services that an investment bank provides, there is a common mandate which often reaches the news headlines. Notable transactions include Disney & Pixar, Google & Android, Exxon & Mobile, just to list a few. These deals show us a story where there are benefits to a successful M&A transaction from a business sense. Perhaps there aren’t enough growth opportunities for the companies on a standalone basis, and perhaps a behemoth of a company wants to expand its product/service offerings without spending years developing a similar offering from the ground up.

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When a company matures and growth…

Modern Portfolio Theory and using statistics properly to invest

Technical analysis involving analyzing patterns, moving averages and other similar voodoo magic is essentially useless. For technical investors, many get caught up in the weeds and use their statistics, programming, and mathematical skills incorrectly. The first concept taught in finance courses around the world is that past performance should not be indicative of future performance. Instead of trying to find ties to the financial world to synergize with, chartists gamble using pictures past performance.

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Without understanding the fundamentals of the game you’re playing, and only using statistics, you are at a disadvantage compared to people who understand financial markets. It’s…

Distinguishing Between a Salesperson and an Independent Advisor

These days, a dark secret of many financial institutions is that the advisers they hire do not consider your best interests. What I mean by this is that without a regulatory body providing them a set of standards, they are free to suggest investment options that may not be the best idea for you and your family. Unless an adviser is a CFP, CFA, CPA, or any similar designation, they have not passed any tests to certify their knowledge, nor are they bound to important principles of conduct. …

Business lessons to take from government policies

As a Canadian citizen who’s working from home up north, I’ve been worrying about my US neighbors and friends. My coworkers all have health insurance, but thinking about the people without it makes me deeply disheartened. With the greatest pandemic that the modern era has ever faced going on, it’s scary to think that some people will forgo their health for the sake of their finances. Although only 8.5% of people in the US are uninsured as of 2018, the fact that it costs more per capita than countries with universal healthcare, there is a huge problem and represents wastage…

History often repeats itself, and bubbles still exist today.

Since the beginning of capital markets and investments, investors have been lured by the promise of high returns and speculative neighbors. Most recent in an investor’s memory may be the spectacular volatility of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, or the recent decline in the cannabis industry. If you’ve studied the intricacies of history or past events, you would often find patterns that occur again. History often repeats itself, and catching repeated history in the moment, can save you from a ton of heartbreak and financial distress.

I’ve personally invested a small percentage of my portfolio in the past to speculate with…

Automate your real estate analysis with Pandas and Numpy

Real estate analysis isn’t complete without automating the calculation of mortgage payments. We’ll look to create our mortgage calculator from scratch in both Excel and Python. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to conduct your analysis for different types of loans and mortgages when you’re confronted by advisers who are compensated based on your business with them. Choose the best deal for you and your family, not the best deal for the bank providing the mortgage.

For business owners looking for mortgages to take on for business purposes, this may be helpful in your search for…


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