Introduction to Food Science and Nutrition, For Your Own Health

Think of health like a segment of your start-up

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Same Amount of Lean Protein > Fatty Protein


Complex Carbs Good → Simple Carbs Not As Good



Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. Foods contain macronutrients, and also provide other useful molecules important for health. Your body doesn’t need as many micronutrients compared to macronutrients, which gives them the distinction.


Many people forget about the importance of health and spend more time focusing on their businesses. Health is the one thing you cannot buy, and not keeping your body in optimal shape is abuse. With the same emphasis, you place on building your business, make sure you continuously build your body. For those workaholics out there, what would you do if a business segment of yours is failing? Failing to know the basics of your body, and how to maintain its health would be like letting your business segment fail.

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